Atelier João Turin

The proposal is clear: to put “João Turin” into history, an innovative idea due to the context that surrounds it. It is the first time that an audacious process begins “from end to end”, from the purchase of an estate, through its inventory, registration, restoration, cataloguing, historical survey, book production, photography, casting, until it reaches national and international exhibitions.

But the entire process would not be possible if we had not an artistic foundry prepared and able to cast these works. Launched the challenge, we began an extensive search of equipment and human resources to move the project on; we have exchanged information about the use of new materials to improve the casting of our pieces, while using the ancient technique of “lost wax”.

We have sought technology in several countries, including France, Italy, Belgium and the United States. As a result, we built Brazil’s first technologically correct artistic foundry, fully electric, with low environmental impact and the use of rainwater; reusing 60% of their inputs. A full partnership between Turin and Lago families, combined to pass the legacy of João Turin on to new generations.

At the same, to present “Paraná” with its own people. Now we face the results achieved, weeks of relentless work, but the certainty of accomplishment. As said the indigenous “Guaranis” who lived here:

“A warrior carries with himself the bones of his ancestors.”